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Using a career-coaching model, the P.I. Program offers personalized assessments, a group workshop, and post-workshop coaching calls to help researchers operate professionally in today’s complex environments.

Program Description:

The P.I. Program workshop is designed for researchers who have had lapses in research compliance or integrity. Participants often enter the workshop at a stressful time in their career, and few people enjoy taking 3 days out of a busy schedule to attend a mandated training. With the help of the P.I. Program’s highly trained faculty and a small group of researchers in similar situations, the participants leave the workshop with valuable skills and new perspective. In their evaluations of the P.I. Program, participants strongly endorse that they have learned something valuable from the program (4.6/5) and they would recommend it to others who are in a similar position (4.6/5).

Program Requirements:

  • Online assessments of problem-solving styles, professional strengths, stressors, and other factors affecting professional performance.
  • A 3-day group workshop, which includes development of an individualized professional development plan.
  • Career coaching calls following the workshop to support implementation of the professional development plan.

To earn a Certificate of Completion, we require completion of all components, including active participation in all workshop sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who might choose to participate?

A variety of individuals have profited from the P.I. Program, including….

  • Researchers who find it challenging to balance scientific and compliance demands in today’s complex regulatory environments
  • Researchers who have been investigated for noncompliance or misconduct and wish to move forward constructively
  • Researchers with staff who have been investigated for noncompliance or misconduct, and want to learn how to provide strong professional leadership and oversight

At present, the P.I. Program is only available in English. Participants should have an adequate level of English oral proficiency to participate in small group discussions.

Feel free to call our office to discuss the suitability of the program for you, or for someone you wish to recommend to the program: (314) 747-4220.

Is the P.I. Program appropriate for researchers in diverse fields?

Yes. Although the National Institutes of Health funded the development of the P.I. Program curriculum, it is appropriate for all kinds of investigators doing empirical research in funded research environments, including those working in the S.T.E.M., biomedical, and social sciences. We do not, however, consider it appropriate for humanities scholars.

How does the program meet the diverse needs of researchers in one workshop?

Many elements of the P.I. Program provide the opportunity to tailor learning and skill development to the needs of individual participants. These elements include individualized assessments, worksheets, personalized and situation-specific problem-solving, the development of a professional development plan, and a series of one-on-one coaching calls after the workshop concludes. We have also developed a secure website hosting a variety of development resources, which participants can access while enrolled in the program.

Is participation in the P.I. Program confidential?

Yes. To create a safe and sharing environment, to the fullest extent of law, the P.I. Program will protect participant data. We do the following to protect confidentiality:

  • Require workshop participants to sign a confidentiality agreement
  • Use first names only during courses
  • Send no information to third parties without participant permission (as permitted by law).
  • We will send a detailed certificate of completion to any party at the request of the participant. Receiving a certificate of completion means that the participant satisfactorily completed all P.I. Program requirements including: pre-workshop assessments, readings, attendance at all workshop sessions, active participation in group exercises, post-workshop assessments, and coaching calls. Beyond providing a certificate of completion, the program does not offer evaluations of participants.

Additionally, the P.I. Program has a policy of restricting attendance to P.I. Program staff and researchers who fit our enrollment criteria (see paragraph 2 above). We do not allow outside observers in order to protect the privacy of participants and create a safe sharing environment.

What information is collected about participants from institutions?

If participants identify an institutional official with whom they would like us to speak, we will contact that individual and conduct an enrollment interview. If participants do not wish for us to speak with an institutional official, we will do an enrollment interview with participants in order to be sure that the program addresses that participant’s needs.

How was the P.I. Program developed?

The P.I. Program developed by a team of experts in social, clinical, and industrial-organizational psychology, research ethics, medical remediation education, and research oversight. Development of the program has been funded by the National Institutes of Health (administrative supplement award to the Washington University CTSA grant UL1 RR024992).

How does an individual sign up for a P.I. Program course?

Please contact the P.I. Program Manager at integrity@wustl.edu or call 314-747-4220.

Does the P.I. Program share with institutions its curricular materials?

Curricular materials are for the use of participants during and following participation in the workshop. They are copyrighted and proprietary and are not to be distributed to non-participants.

As evidence of program effectiveness becomes available, the P.I. Program is committed to publishing its findings and recommendations for fostering professionalism in research.

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