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Overview of Referral & Enrollment Process

  • 1. Contact the Program Manager

    Either the institutional official or potential participant may contact the program manager to ensure that the candidate is a good fit for the program.

  • 2. Complete the Registration Form

    Upon admission, the participant must complete the registration and payment form.

  • 3. Complete the Confidentiality Agreement and Communication with Institutions Survey

    The client is required to sign a confidentiality agreement describing the confidentiality protections the program offers to the client as well as the policies and expectations to which the client is expected to adhere.

    The survey solicits information on your choices regarding communication with your institution. You may request that we conduct an informational interview with an institutional official. Such an interview provides institutions with the opportunity to express why a referral was made and what they hope it will accomplish. In our experience, this information about the institution’s view of the situation helps the program serve the needs of the referred researcher. Some institutions strongly desire to hold an interview with us, and other institutions do not wish to hold an interview. You may want to consult with an institutional official to clarify expectations and preferences.

  • 4. Schedule Enrollment Interview

    The Program Manager will conduct an interview with either the participant, the institutional official, or both, with permission from the participant.

  • 5. Complete Assessments

    Completion of two online assessments, and additional readings are required prior to program participation.

Additional information is provided to the client upon completion of the tasks outlined above.

Contact Us

To Make a Referral

Please contact the Program Manager to receive a link with more detailed information for institutional officials.