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The Professional Skills for Researchers On the Road Workshop is taught at your institution.

Course Description:

The Professional Skills for Researchers On the Road Workshop curriculum is appropriate for investigators doing empirical research in funded research environments, including those who work in S.T.E.M, biomedical, and social sciences.

We teach the responsible conduct of research (RCR) and good research team leadership and management skills. This includes:

  • SMART decision-making strategies: Seeking help, Managing emotions, Anticipating consequences, Recognizing rules, and Testing assumptions.
  • Good lab practices such as holding regular meetings, reviewing raw data, training new staff on RCR protocols, and articulating the importance of research integrity and compliance.
  • Perspective-taking to understand the standpoint of research administrators and compliance offices, and learning to communicate effectively.
  • Setting professional growth goals that are specific, measurable, realistic, and have a timeline. Each individual is helped to identify areas of growth and asked to set goals for professional development and identify three (3) steps they will take to improve their research practices.
  • Case study discussion, role plays, or worksheets in every unit to ensure active learning. Cases address topics such as: Authorship challenges; responding to observed wrongdoing or pressures to break rules; and dealing effectively with compliance offices as they provide oversight.

If there is a specific topic you wish for us to address that is not mentioned above, please let us know and we will do our best to honor your request.

This face-to-face workshop may satisfy NIH and NSF requirements for instruction in the responsible conduct of research. It can be offered to groups of any size. The cost of the program is $9,500, which includes a full day of instruction with two (2) instructors and our travel costs. We request 4 months’ notice to plan a session.

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