Exemplar Project

The Research Exemplar Project

The P.I. Program at Washington University School of Medicine, directed by Dr. James DuBois, has partnered with Dr. Alison Antes who is funded by NHGRI to explore an important issue for today’s researchers – leading a scientific lab. 

Alison Antes, PhD, and James DuBois, DSc, PhDWe invited nominations of individuals who conduct high quality, high-impact research and exemplify professionalism and integrity in research. The selected “Research Exemplars” participated in an interview to identify the practices they employ to lead and manage their research teams. They also receives an engraved award. Visit the project background page for more information.

Read about the Research Exemplars and their work:

Sincerest thanks to the exemplars who participated in the project, their colleagues who nominated, and the review panelists who dedicated their time to help us select the most qualified candidates. We were not able to honor everyone as an exemplar, but wish to recognize several nominees as honorable mentions.

We look forward to sharing our findings via this website and publications in coming months.

Alison L. Antes, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine

What Researchers Are Saying:

“…you’re taught
how to be a scientist,
you’re not taught how to
be a lab manager.”

“If I look back … and I look at the single thing that I’ve screwed up the most it would be management … management and management practices, and execution.”

Washington University in St. Louis