Exemplar Project

The Research Exemplar Project

The P.I. Program at Washington University School of Medicine, directed by Dr. James DuBois, has partnered with Dr. Alison Antes who is funded by NHGRI to explore an important issue for today’s researchers – leading a scientific lab. As part of the project, at least 30 individuals will be recognized as research exemplars.

Alison Antes, PhD, and James DuBois, DSc, PhDWe sought nominations of individuals in any career stage who:

  • Conduct high-quality, high-impact, federally-funded research
  • Lead a research lab or team
  • Perform research in any of the empirical sciences (e.g., biomedical, life, physical, or social)
  • Enjoy a reputation for great leadership and integrity in research

We are no longer seeking nominations, and sincerely thank those who submitted nominations.

The Research Exemplar Project aims to identify the practices that exemplars use to lead and manage their research labs with professionalism and integrity. Exemplars will receive an engraved award and will be featured on the P.I. Program website. We anticipate completion of the page featuring exemplars by the end of the summer. Their practices will guide future directions in Dr. Antes’ research agenda and will be instrumental in advancing the education of the next generation of scientists.
Alison L. Antes, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine

What Researchers Are Saying:

“…you’re taught
how to be a scientist,
you’re not taught how to
be a lab manager.”

“If I look back … and I look at the single thing that I’ve screwed up the most it would be management … management and management practices, and execution.”

Washington University in St. Louis